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Always keep a spare filter on hand. We recommend a six to eight week filter rotation, cleaning the filter with spa cleaners. In doing this routine, your filters should last two to three years and help keep your water clear.

Oil and Soaps
Try to avoid getting oil based or soap based products in your spa water. These products can have dismal effects on your water chemistry. Use a water and baking soda solution or spa cleaner to wash down the spa shell. Always rinse well with fresh water. Also, try to void using hair products, deodorant, sun tan lotion or skin cream while using your spa. These products will cloud your water and clog the filter.

Water Testing
Test your spa water twice a week. Always test for pH, alkalinity and for the sanitizer you are using (chlorine or bromine). Keep the pH and alkalinity in the proper ranges allow your chemicals to work effectively and will lengthen the life of your jets, pumps and heater.

Changing your Water
About twice a year depending on the amount of use of your hot tub, no amount of chemical additives can protect you completely in water that is old and dirty. Changing water is a simple task and you, your family and gusts will be glad you did.