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Spa Repair - non brand specific
Southern Home Spas is the largest spa & hot tub service, repair and sales company in Greensboro. As such, we have been in Greensboro since 1980. Our technicians are well trained by not only out internal training program but also by the spa manufactures themselves. We find that we have a long term relationship with our customers. We know our spas and can easily help on a short term notice. Any brand, or problem, we can fix it.

So, if your spa is causing a problem, doesn't sound right, has a leak, the water smells etc, we recommend you get in touch with us to ensure your spa is fixed straight away.

Maintenance - essential to long term ownership
A modern spa is amazingly complex. It needs to be maintained on a regular basis just like any other piece of equipment. A spa and a hot tub will require spa repairs and hot tub repairs. The sooner you start a regular spa maintenance program the longer your spa will last.

We are here to help you make your spa and hot tub experience a pleasant one.